I made this clay Pizza for my friend Lucy as a house warming gift. She and four of her friends moved into a house together. The concept of the pizza is, should one of the house mates decide to move out they can take a slice of pizza with them. And keep it as a keep sake. Just like the friends in the house, half of the pizza is vegetarian and the other half is meat.  

Pizza made using air dry clay and painted with Acrylic.

Alphabet Pencils- These are Christmas tree hanging decorations. I hand sculpted these Alphabet Pencils using Salt dough, once dried I painted them with Acrylic.  

Woolly Jumpers - Christmas tree hanging decorations. I hand sculpted these woolly jumpers using air drying clay, once dried I then painted them in Acrylic. 

Personalized Christmas tree hanging decorations. I sculpted these decorations using clay, they are a tribute to my Mum, and my wife's Mum, Lynn. 

My Mum's favourite things; a Digestive Biscuit, Green Tea, cake decorating, Watercolour set and Leather jacket.  

Lynn's favourite things. Yorkshire Pudding with gravy, a Red robin, a Mint humbug.

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